X-Lite Softphone Setup for VentureTel

X-Lite Softphone Setup for VentureTel

  1. Download X-Lite from http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite-download/ 
  2. Click on the Softphone tab on the top left and select Account Settings.
  3. Fill out the User Details fields by transferring information from the Kazoo UI to X-Lite.
    1. In the Domain Proxy section:
    2. Domain = Realm
    3. User ID = Username
    4. Password = Password
    5. Display name = Your Name
    6. Authentication Name = Username
  4. Click on the box next to Register with domain and receive calls
  5. Click on Proxy in Send outbound via section and enter proxy.venturetel.co
    1. Click on OK
  6. You have now completed setting up a Softphone and can make calls!

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