What's the process of moving my phone service to VentureTel

What's the process of moving my phone service to VentureTel

When you are ready to move to VentureTel, we’ll help you through every step of the process.  Here is the process we typically take once you say “set me up!" 
  1. First, we’ll have you register and fill out some paper work online so we can initiate the port of your existing phone numbers.
  2. Second, we’ll get your phones programmed, installed and setup with all the appropriate call flows, auto attendants, queues, voicemail boxes etc.
  3. Third, while waiting for the port to go through, (which can take up to 2-3 weeks - typically less), we’ll setup a temporary number that you will forward your existing phone service to so we can avoid any downtime with the phones.
  4. Fourth, once the port is finalized we will notify you so you can be sure to cancel your existing phone service.
Throughout the entire process, we’ll be available to help make sure your phone service works the way you want!

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