VentureTel E911: How to Test & Understand Limitations

Testing and Understanding Your VentureTel E911 Service

Importance of Accurate E911 Information

Maintaining accurate E911 location information is crucial for prompt emergency response. Always keep your address updated in VentureTel's system.

How to Test Your E911 Address

  1. Do NOT dial 911 for testing. This is reserved for true emergencies and misuse may result in penalties.
  2. Dial 933 from your VentureTel VoIP device.
  3. A recorded message will play back the address currently registered for E911 service on that device.
  4. If it's incorrect, immediately update your E911 records through the admin control panel or on 

Important Limitations

  1. Even with verified information, your local emergency center may not have the technology to automatically receive your VentureTel phone number and address.
  2. Always be prepared to provide your name, phone number, and current location to the 911 operator in an emergency. Do not rely solely on E911 technology.

Additional Notes

  1. Regularly test your E911 address, especially after moving or changing service locations.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the limitations of E911 service, especially during potential power outages or network disruptions.

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