Setting Up A Holiday Call Flow

Setting Up A Holiday Call Flow

You can setup a specific call flow for Holidays or specific dates that your office is going to be closed.  
  1. To do this login to the VentureTel control panel at and go to SmartPBX. In SmartPBX select  Main Number .  

In main number, select  Office Holidays , check the box a re you closed for holidays?  and then  Add Holiday  to add the specific dates (or date ranges) the office will be closed.  Be sure to save changes when finished.

Then select  Incoming Call Handling , and select  Holidays.
If you want to setup a Virtual Receptionist for the office holiday, select the Virtual Receptionist link, then either upload or record the greeting of the phone for the Virtual Receptionist (currently Text to Speech is unavailable).  To record your own greeting over the phone, the holiday greeting call flow has to be active (otherwise you'll get you normal office greeting to record),  you can dial *004  to record the holiday greeting without needing to make the holiday greeting call flow active.

Once the greeting is recorded, add the appropriate routes for your virtual receptionist (so that when someone presses 1, it goes to the appropriate person or ring group).  BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR SETTINGS WHEN FINISHED

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