Parking A Call

Parking A Call

Parking a call is similar to placing a call on hold, except that it allows any other extension to pick up the call by dialing the parking lot extension.  A parking lot is similar to a line key on a traditional phone system.

  • To place a call in a park, while in the call, press the transfer key and dial the parking lot extension.
    • By default there are 100 parking lot extensions, *300 - *399
    • If a parked call is not picked up after 40 seconds, the call will ring back to the extension that placed it in the park.

Additionally, depending on the phone model you are using, we may have programmed a few keys as "Parking Spaces".  These keys can be used to place a call in Park, and will show red if a call is on hold and green if the parking space is free.  The process for placing a call in one of these parking spaces is the same as above, except rather than dial the extension (ex. *300) you would press the appropriate parking key after hitting transfer.

  • To place a call in a park with a park key, while in the call, press the transfer key and press the appropriate parking key.

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