How to Download Call Recordings on VentureTel

How to Download Your Call Recordings

VentureTel provides easy access to your call recordings for backup, review, or compliance purposes. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to download them:


  1. Log in to Access the VentureTel web portal at and log in with your account credentials.
  2. Navigate to Call Logs: In the navigation menu, locate and click on the "Call Logs" section. This will display a list of your recent calls.
  3. Find the Desired Recording: Use the available filters (e.g., date range, caller ID) to locate the specific call recording you wish to download.
  4. Locate the Download Button: Within the "Actions" column for the selected call log entry, you'll find a download button.
  5. Click Download: Click the download button. Your browser will initiate the download process, saving the call recording file to your local computer (usually in your "Downloads" folder).

Important Notes:

  1. File Format: Call recordings are downloaded in MP3 format.
  2. Availability: The ability to download call recordings may depend on your VentureTel service plan or specific account settings.

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