How Long Will It Take To Port My Number to VentureTel?

How Long Will It Take To Port My Number to VentureTel?

In most cases, we can transfer your number within ten business days from when you submit the number transfer request, provided that all the correct information and documentation is submitted, including a correctly filled out Letter of Authorization (LOA) form and the correct Billing Telephone Number (BTN) on our port request page. In some cases, number transfers can take up to four weeks depending on when your current provider releases your number.

VentureTel makes every attempt to work with all telephone service providers across the United States. However, certain local or regional guidelines may preclude us from being able to transfer your number to VentureTel. In such cases, you will be informed and a new number from VentureTel would be provided.

To reduce the risk of number transfer delays

  1. Confirm the following before you submit your request
    • Company name
    • Service addresses
    • Billing telephone number
    • Name of authorized user on the account
  2. Remove special features (e.g., hunt groups, Centrex, etc.) from any number you’re transferring.
  3. Do not cancel service or open any new service orders with the original provider of your number until the transfer is complete.

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