Connect Your Yealink T5X Phone to Wi-Fi

Connect Your Yealink T5X Phone to Wi-Fi


  1. Yealink T5X Series IP Phone
  2. Compatible Wi-Fi USB Dongle (if your phone does not have built-in Wi-Fi)
  3. Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID)
  4. Wi-Fi Password


  1. Check for Built-in Wi-Fi: Consult your Yealink T5X phone's manual or specifications to determine if it has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.
  2. If your Yealink T5X phone model ends with a "W" (e.g., T54W), it has built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.
  3. Attach Wi-Fi Dongle (if needed): If your Yealink T5X phone does not have built-in Wi-Fi, insert a compatible USB Wi-Fi dongle into the phone's USB port. Yealink recommends the WF50 dongle for optimal compatibility.
  4. Access Wi-Fi Settings
    1. Press the "Menu" button on your phone.
    2. Navigate to "Settings" -> "Basic Settings" -> "Wi-Fi" (path may vary slightly between T5X models).
  5. Enable Wi-Fi: Turn the Wi-Fi setting to "On".
  6. Scan for Networks: Your phone will start scanning for available Wi-Fi networks.
    1. Select Your Network: Select your desired Wi-Fi network (SSID) from the list.
    2. Enter Password: Enter your Wi-Fi network password and press "Connect".
    3. Connection Status: Your phone should display a message confirming a successful Wi-Fi connection.


  1. No Wi-Fi Networks Found: Ensure your Wi-Fi network is broadcasting and within range of your phone.
  2. Incorrect Password: Double-check your Wi-Fi password and try again.
  3. Dongle Not Recognized: Make sure the Wi-Fi dongle is properly inserted and compatible with your Yealink phone.
  4. Still Not Connecting: If you continue to have trouble, refer to your Yealink phone's manual or contact VentureTel support for assistance.
For optimal performance, ensure a strong and stable Wi-Fi signal in the location of your Yealink T5X phone.

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