Can I keep my number?

Can I keep my number?

In almost all cases, YES!  To begin the porting process contact our support team and attach your most recent copy of your phone bill.
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      If you believe your telephone number is currently being flagged as SPAM on the called party’s Caller ID, you can contact their telecommunications provider for review. After verification, the SPAM tag may be removed from your number and your status ...
    • Can I receive calls to my current number while it is being ported to VentureTel?

      Yes, you can! You will receive a temporary VentureTel number to forward your current number to while you wait for your transfer to complete.
    • How Long Will It Take To Port My Number to VentureTel?

      In most cases, we can transfer your number within ten business days from when you submit the number transfer request, provided that all the correct information and documentation is submitted, including a correctly filled out Letter of Authorization ...
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